a march post promise

So readers,

With a whopping TWO posts under my belt after skipping February in its entirety, a website in its finishing stages, spring approaching, and orders filing in, I have decided to give myself a challenge.

I plan to post 31 times in the month of March. Preferably, my hope is to post once everyday.

Just as I promised myself the Christmas gift of starting back running in December, I am giving myself this writing everyday promise to myself as a birthday gift. I'm a March baby.

Words do unexplainable good things to my mental state.

Feel free to join in the promise and take my sidebar pin to post on your blog if you want. Should that be a little more than you bargained for, not a problem. Just meet me here everyday and see what I am up to! I would love to have you around.

For all you new readers from Facebook and all those other magical places, feel welcome to join me as a follower of my blog over there on right side of my blog. I know I have had a few newbies contact me regarding how this works. Becoming a blog follower is simple and doesn't even require your social security number or a pint of blood.

We shall see if this mama can throw yet another brightly colored ball into the air and find its place in the juggling routine!

.mac :)