It never fails.

I am always enamored by the spirit and whimsical nature of youth.
Out in the yard playing one of their many most favorites, they decide to maintain some order.
That would totally be inherited from their father.

Yes behaving in a capricious manner, these 2 do quite often.
And that's precisely why I think they are the absolute best co-workers to have.

Nature yields happiness tenfold in little boys. It asks nothing of them but to enjoy and stick around.
Two requests my boys will gladly fulfill.

True to their personalities.
Completely unscripted.
No poses.
I snap.
Enjoy my happiness tenfold:

{my tree hugger}

{my dirt digger}

Tree dancing.
Dirt digging.
Completely capricious.
Happiness tenfold.
My yard tools.

Like nature, I, too, hope they enjoy and stick around.

.mac :)