oNe uPpEd

Remember this beauty from yesterday?

She's in full bloom now.
One week has given her just enough sunshine and rain for a magnificent showing.
And it looks like someone else is ready for a magnificent showing as well, huh?
So go on and be magnificent, sister.
I mean rockonwichyerbadself.
This is k.Mac's Gypsy. You first met her here. And since then she has been itching for some attention on the website. The website that is soooooo close to being done.

Inside jobs have been getting her the love she deserves. Inside as in by word of mouth locally. Yes, this client saw one of my Gypsy handbags carried by someone else.
She was delighted at what she saw and went in for a closer look and to inquire more about "Just where did you get this handbag?"

And my client gladly told her all about k.Mac's Gypsy and handed her one of my business cards.
It seems the inside job got it done too! This client loved k.Mac's Tricky Tomato fabric collection and after perusing my vintage scarf collections, she chose one shipped straight from the sunshine state. I love how the scarf's old school red plays with both the orange dots as well as the solid crushed cranberry in the bag's background. Very illusional.

And so my pretty accessory has been oNe uPpEd.

And it's time I hunker down as my husband would say and FoCuS on finishing the beauty of this new website.
The Gypsy's waiting, you know.

.mac :)