A Traveling Gypsy

Meet k.Mac's Gypsy.

I wanted to create a bag design eclectic in nature.

Pieced like a puzzle.
Rhythmic in pattern.
Eye catching.

I wanted to incorporate my love for vintage in this design as well. It was back in the summer months this Gypsy bag design was swirling around in my noggin. With vintage in mind, I began my hunt for the perfect Gypsy treasure.


I hoarded them up from craft fairs, antique shows and junk stores. I collected scarves unique and feminine in nature. I wanted my stash to be unconventional, NOT practical, BUT beautiful to the eye instead.

And isn't that just what a Gypsy is?

A collector of time travels.
A seeker of beauty regardless of the cost to get it.

Inspiration from my vintage scarf collection was the breath of life for this design. My finishing touches for this bag were the 4" diameter silver hoops symbolic of the hooped earrings so classic to the pirate and gypsy in all of us.

Inside this Gypsy, there are 4 interior pocket to hide your stash of treasures.
Maybe even your crystal ball too.

This design has not yet been advertised until now. Matter of fact, this is its first debut on any k.Mac platform. And already, I have 3 clients carrying this bag design as we speak. Be it visits to my home studio for orders or me carrying my Gypsy prototype for testing, this bag design is stealing the style lover's eye and already reading palms with a promising future.

Unconventional, NOT practical, but beautiful to the eye instead.

And we all need a little of the above in our lives, don't we?

The traveling gypsy herself,
.mac :)