I keep an on-going list of words that I love. This list has categories. These categories range from words in which I love their meaning, to words I love that other people say (made up words), to words that I love how they sound when they come out of my mouth. {Remind me to tell you later how exactly my brain works with regards to my daily checklist of chores. Shhhh, Kristi! Stop laughing. I hear you!}


It's in 2 of my categories for its sound and its meaning.
Love this word.

And it is definitely the appropriate word to use this time of year. I adore appliqued t-shirts with matching ribbon skirts, pantaloons, and ruffled pants. And I think I might just know a certain someone that may need some for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day, and well, you get the drift!

A client asked me to do a summer set for her daughter. She wanted a flip flop theme. Kenny cut out the pattern for the flip flops, and off I went! I can't tell you the surge I get from excessively using ribbon. Dear heavens, it's bliss.

Lipstick colored buttons and a monogram later, embellishing is at its best!

And isn't this sweet face the perfect embellishment to this tee?

I sure think so!


What in your life are you making beautiful with ornamentation?

Do share!
.mac :)