Mr. Optometrist,

Thank you for yesterday's visit. Yes, it is true. I seem to have been suffering from blurred vision for the past 3 days or so. At first, I blamed the smudges on my glasses. But after further cleansing, it would appear the cloudiness is coming from deeper within.

Oh really? My astigmatism has worsened?

I thought as much.

I have found myself straining to focus on myself much more than the world around me. This has left me with horrible self-inflicted headaches, disgruntled children, and an orderly house abandoned.

So, what I am hearing you say, just to be clear, is that my eye disorder is genetic but can be prevented? And that all I need to do is provide my children with a healthy, well balanced diet of love and nurturing, adequate rest and play times, a good hydration of my attention in short but intentional segments, daily vitamins of patience and perseverance, and prayer.

Oh good.

I needed to be reminded that prevention of this selfishness is not at all a wash.

Is there anything else new to report on the status of my eyes?

My cornea is not refracting as much light as it can?
That doesn't surprise me either.

Alright, doc. I think I've heard enough.

Tell me my new prescription before I am blinded completely by this blaring examination light above me.

* Be cognisant of your intentions.
* Look past the now and sense the message you are sending.
* Know that your children's perception of you can change for better or worse.
* Be visionary through the blurred.
* Try and try again.

And lastly, wear your stinkin' glasses.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate your time well spent in the diagnosis, prevention and overall re-direction of my visionary plan.

The receptionist will take my co-pay now?
Oh, okay. Have a good day.

.mac :)

"We are limited not by our abilities, but our vision."