Survey Says...

So peeps.

I have been out of the tappity tap clicking as of late and will be for a bit more.

Heading out on a mini rugrat adventure tomorrow afternoon, so I will plan to catch you on the flip side Monday!

In my absence, I wanted to post a few surveys for all of you readers, commenters and non-commenters alike. I am curious to see how this blog stands up to you and what more or less you might want from this space. Being that this blog is designed to duet my life in harmony with my business, I want to be sure that I am providing my readers with what they like best for the sake of k.Mac, you feel me?!

Feel free to leave me a comment, but you don't haveta.

But do vote. It's all secret so you won't have to leave your name or anything for those a little nervous. I figure this is a way I can see what more you want to hear about or what less you would like to know.

So it's all good.

Thanks so much, sisters and misters! See you on Monday!

.mac :)