You diggin' my shirt?
Kenny wasn't.

Matter of fact, I bought it speee-ashial at my favorite establishment for the bit of traveling we had planned for the earlier part of this summer.

Always like to keep things thematic if you will.

Remember that big gap in posts? I am sure all of my 5 regular readers do. I escaped the everyday life for a time and went into hiding. It was fun pretending to be Kate Gosselin in seclusion from the paparazzi. The paparazzi being my SIL Kristi, but still. Who am I kidding? I just wanted a chance to wear the JackieO's and the J-LO hatz. yeah-yeah.
These 3 and myself loaded up in a car and made the trek to New York back in early June. Little boys off to my dad and step-mom, rental car packed to the gills, we drove.
Kenneth (my father-in-law) here sharing a celebratory beer with his younger brother Eddie that we made it safe and sound and our 14 hours in the car was finito.

Me gazing up at Kristi with great thankfulness that I no longer have to be in a car with 3 Cobble men and I that I now have my favorite girl in company!
Ellicottville, New York.
A super charming little place. The town was so petitely packed with huge helpings of quaintness. Well, we had to do a little spelunking and it seems our taste buds and rumbling bellies landed us here.

Shiney coppers, glistening chromes, a pumpin' and a churnin'...

Mama likey.

A rustic environment this place had. Kinda low lit barzy, for-real locals feel, I was hooked. And apparently so was the fish. 4 of the 6 of us ordered their fried fish platter.

I was not one of the 4. I had my eyes set on a Reuben. Can I just say holy cow. The best Reuben I have ever snuggled up to in my life. YUM.

The menu was well versed in variety. I tend to like that in a restaurant. My brother-in-law, Tony, chose the homemade ravioli to offset the other 4 as well. Let's just say, there was no need for a dishwasher when we left this fine establishment.
Kristi and her dad. Those smiles are proof of happy bellies.

And what about our thirst buds?

Well, I like beer. I like wine too.
Not in massive drunken quantities. But I do enjoy their flavors on occasion.

And this place makes the best BLUEBERRY BEER I have ever tasted! Check those blueberries out just floatin' at the top all flirty like.
Tony decided upon a sampler as they all looked so tasty.

This place was amazing. We loved sitting around the table catching up and enjoying great food and brew. Brothers Kenny and Kevin would agree. Go here to find out more about this fine establishment. Cause little they may be, but they have a website!

Small town America: you can't beat that.

And you also can't beat BLUEBERRY BEER! Some wanted to come back to the inn with us and well, being nice southerners in a northern town, we kindly obliged.
Could this father-in-law of mine get any cuter in that hat?

And how bout these hunks in the hot tub?
(I am especially partial to the one in the middle.)

A late night of chatting, laughing, relaxing, and just being family in this little town for there was much to celebrate. And we Cobbles make the most of any reason to celebrate. Who can forget this annual happy or this every year gathering for celebratory proof.

What are we celebrating, you ask?
Well, just keep on the hunt for Kate in the JackieO's and perhaps you'll soon find out!

.mac :)