Stimulus Package

Oh wait. I guess that's for me, huh?

I couldn't resist. Thematic visuals are a must for me you see. And seeing as how this clever-of-k.Mac-deal is just one way to help stimulate our nation's small business economy, I went on a mission to find just the right visual to symbolize the word: stimulus. And well, I opted for this picture over the $ sign. I think I made the right selection, don't you? Kenny here when I first started dating him. Looking all Tom Cruise-ish from this flick. I really lucked out, I must say.

Okay, enough about this stimulus package.
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?
The k.Mac stimulus package for THIS WEEK ONLY!!!

Order any size Sling Fling and receive 30% off PLUS all personalization is one flat $5.00 fee.

Contact me at to begin your design session. All fabric and font selections can be done via email.

I truly love the custom designing process and take great pleasure in creating one-of-a-kind pieces for clients, so take advantage of this great k.Mac offer!

The deadline for design sessions to be complete is THIS Sunday, August 30th as the k.Mac Sling Fling-a-rella turns back into her full price pumpkin!

And we all know pumpkin times flies by and next thing you know, it's time for these glittery goodies to adorn my studio tree. Maybe a little good deal k.Mac Christmas shopping in August is in order for you this week.

I'm just sayin'.
Thanks to all who participated in "B is for..." I really enjoyed hearing your responses. I liked the gamut of answers from B names and their meanings, to blessings, to blog names, to adjectives that described your personality. I still can't believe that my B in 9th grade typing set me up for 3rd overall. Geez. Somethings you just don't get over.

On to Brighter topics for me! The winner of the 50% off Sling Fling is...

Well, it pays to comment, girls. Cause you never know what might be up my sleeve! Seeing as I have 2 very important k.Mac assistants that help me fold fabrics, unpack shipments, keep pins in the pin cushion and scraps in the trash, I had to have them help me draw out the winner. And I can't just let 1 employee hold that responsibility. That would be violating some type of employee discrimination law I am sure. Forget the fact that I could very well be violating child labor laws as we speak!

There are 2 50% off winners!!!
Watch the videos and find out if you are one of them!
Congratulations April and Stella!

Here at k.Mac, we like to keep a relaxed dress code.
Jammies to work are just fine!

Bring on the orders all of you! I feel like I have done my part in stimulating our sweet little economy this week. I know Kenny has done his part too! GRIN.

T-minus 5 days and counting...

.mac :)