Dear Consistency,

You are such an asset to our family, yet I fear I that I am not always the best provider to your basic needs. I realize the commitment you request is not one of mediocrity. I understand that the maintenance of your lifestyle is one that requires much.

As a guest in our home, I want you to feel most welcome here. I strive to percolate overflowing cups of visionary brew each morning before you awake. I remind myself as I prepare your breakfast knowing that you like your toast buttered with confidence and your jam spread thick of good morals.

I long to provide you with a pleasure packed stay filled with growth, adventure, knowledge, and fairness. I hope you feel the company you are surrounded with is hopeful not bitter, loving not lacking.
The quality of your stay means everything to me as I plead with you to become a permanent resident at our home. I know at times you leave feeling unappreciated and unwelcome. Your vacancy is quickly filled with guests like {impatience, sarcasm, irritation, sporadic screaming, and negative thoughts.} They seem to crowd into your room and wreak havoc on your nicely kept space.

After I realize your absence, I prayerfully yet sternly ask these guests to leave and immediately do what I can to clean up your space with the usual spot cleans and deep scrubs alike.

With your sheets fresh washed in suds of discipline and with a fabric softener of hard work, I re-make your bed with deeper conviction hospital corners. For it is I who knows your bed must be put together soundly from the inside out if I want your slumbers of character to rest peacefully in our home.

Then I turn down your bed covers of God's will. I fluff your pillows of faith and leave the sweetest mints of excellence and personal best just so on your bedside table.

And then I politely ask you once again for the honor of your presence. And being the rock that you are, you kindly step back through the doors of our home with housewarming gifts of positive attitudes and a freshly cut bouquet of preparation to place in my arms.

Thank you, Consistency. Thank you for your belief in what is good and right. I appreciate that each time you come to visit, you stay a little bit longer as if testing out our home in hopes that it is in fact, your best fit.

And soon, I hope you will find that it is.
A place for you to call home.

Eli and Casey's mom