This LONG weekend.

Swirls and slushes,
Rumbles. Roundabouts.
A tossin' and a turnin',
Oh sweet son, just let it out.

No-nos plead and stomp with agony,
Make it stop. Go aways shout internally.

Drifts of slumber 10 feet high,
Cascade in and then quickly melt on by.

Try a sip,
Nibble on this,
Maybe too much,
Uh-oh, here comes the re-gift.

A youngun that aches and wants his B,
Waiting and listening for the dryer's final twist,
Out soon will come his bed bud,
From a soiled bathtub swish.

Next it's my big boy,

He awakens to a mucky spill,
Burning the midnight oil...
Mama, Aunt Tee-Tee, and of course, the laundry room bill.

Rinse off, lie back down, cuddle real tight,
Prayers of healing and heartache,
Float out and up into the dark heavenly night.

Temperatures climbing,
Cabin fever sets in,
Rest and tylenol...

Real ready for healing to begin.

Brotherhood is tight when you're both so weak.

Teamwork and togetherness,
Make mama's heart skip a beat.

This LONG weekend...
It's adjective JUSTLY deserved.
Feel better boys.
Fun times are anxiously being held in our family's reserve.

.mac :-(