The Surge

Meet my pals. Steno and Bic Mini. Being left handed, the steno is the absolute perfect journaling/drawing notebook for me. No worries about the spirals catching my sleeve or having to contort my hand in the most peculiar of ways. And as far as pencils go, I have always loved the Bic mechanical sketch and toss version. But who can resist, tell me, the Bic Mini? It is so frappin' cute as it is half the Mama Bic's size. Too presh, I say. These guys are compact enough to tote just about anywhere.

And, they are showing up everywhere at my house...

In my hair...

On end tables...

On top of the baking canisters...

I call it the surge. I have had this affliction and/or gift all my life. I am not the kind to dwell on things or SIT down and think things through when it comes to planning and designing. Matter of fact, setting aside time to draw, map things out, or brainstorm only stifles my ideas. Weird, huh?

Once an idea comes to me, I think about it throughout my day. I carry on with my regularly scheduled programming.

Then time passes. Sometimes a lot of time. Sometimes only a very short period of time.

Finally, the surge hits.

And it is all I can think about and concentrate on for days upon days until my fix is idea or design complete, my trial run done, my kinks listed, and my improvement list made.

I sound like a crack addict, don't I?

Hence, the Bic Mini's scattered throughout my house. I even have 1 stuck in the side door of my car, but due to temperatures too chilly to "spelunk" to the garage, you will miss the pic of that one.

I am in full SURGE mode as we speak, cats. I have ideas swirling about in my head like a tornado ripping its way across Oklahoma soil.

Bag designs, little girls' couture designs, new avenues for paint ideas for our Sunshine for the Soul is outta control up in the ole noggin.

And I like it just fine.

It truly is a fix. I can even feel my body's energy level pick up, my mood heighten. and my creative drive kick in. Hmmm. That explanation kind of fits another area of my life at times...


Designing is absolutely my favorite. I love that an idea comes from absolutely no where, surfaces, and then allows me to tweak it and make it just as it should be. Then, I get to find the mediums, color hues, and themes just right to bring this idea to fruition.

One of my bag designs as late is my take on what a ole Nanny from England might carry. It has a sassy twist so never fear.

It is practical, fun, and comfortable to boot.

I have chosen these fabrics for my trial test run.

I like the busyness that these fabrics create when paired together. The plaid has a tiny bit of stretch to it and the best rock star pink/poppy red pin line. Perfect toenail color for summer if you ask me. The black and white checked is actually a corduroy. Mixed textures: delightful!

And to top the ole girl off, I am going to incorporate this vintage belt piece from the 1930's. I love its worn ways and classy sparkle.

I am also considering some bulky type hardware too for the strap. Hmmmm.

Yes, this bag should be a great getmethroughtherestofthewinterbag.

So check back soon! The surge plans to bring good things to your shoulder, wallet, mantle piece, and little girl's bum all in due time!

.mac :)

p.s. Just had to use the word, bum, there. It topped off my English persuasion with the bag!!