1st of Tha Month

Couldn't resist this title, I tell you.

It's the 1st of Tha Month.
So cash your checks and come on...

Where you going?

Why here, of course?

That's where I go.
What's so good about the 1st of tha month, you ask?

It's the Double Stuffed Oreo of weekends to shop at Goodwill. Everything in the store which is already so conveniently priced to begin with is marked an additional 50% off.

Uh-huh. That's what I said.

Frugal. I am. I ain't gonna lie. It was engrained in me from childhood, I think.

I appreciate deals. Steals. Cheap wheels.

I actually enjoy finding the good in someone else's forgotten.

And why not?

Some, perhaps, are repulsed by the idea of having to dig, sort, and sift through other's used items.

Dig. Sort. Sift. Why those are some of my favorite verbs right behind dance, kiss, laugh, and create.

Ahhh, the 1st of tha month...

To use the lyrics from one of my huband's favs...

"So what in the world you got in that bag? Yeah, whatchu got in that bag?"

8 things.
$12.00 cold hard cash.

That's how it went down, peeps.

I walked in. Did my thing. And left with a bag full of 8 pretties for 12 bones.

I always give myself missions when I go. It adds that much more joy in the "Hunt to Shop", I think.

This trip's particular challenges were

- buy something for everyone in the family
- buy a sweater type deal for myself to use like this or to wear out and about in our mild Tennessee fall/winter climate. Basically something really comfy, warm, and cute was the picture I had painted in my head.
- buy something out of the blue

Everyone in the family got prizes! Mission #1: DONE.

Here she is. My $3.00 dollar princess. You know when you have that, "I'll know it when I see it" thing going on. Mission #2 accomplished. The paint on that canvas is drying as we speak. It has hoodie for crying out loud.

A long sleeve and short sleeve tee for me. Couldn't resist the Cold Chillin logo. And the Snoopy shirt is as soft as a baby's hiney, I tell you. I can't decide if I am going to wear him to nite-nite in or snuggle in him during the day. Oh, the decisions!
Mission #3: CHECK.

Other purchases included:
-2 pairs of GAP exercise pants for Eli Garrett
-a Polo brand long sleeve polo shirt for Casey face for church
-1 pair of loungy type exercise pants for me.
-1 pair of Banana Republic khaki chinos for Ken to wear to work.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Trash to Treasure. I wouldn't have it any other way.

...so cash your checks and come on...

.mac :-)