Down goes our sun,
So early he rests these days.

His goodnight kisses to his autumn love leave her blushing...
Her twinkles of splendor are the flirtatious winks of her shadow play.

I try to turn my head and let them steal their last moments alone.
But my curiosity seems to be stuck as the kid brother hanging around the doorway at curfew time making this time not their own.

"What's that? Do you see it?"
I am mesmerized and drawn in.

From my first glance I had seen this.
Captivated, I must reign this beauty in.

Yes, the eye is the beholder,
Trained in sight and fine tuned by the mind.

Little pleasures, happy moments, unforseen adventures,
The eyes are equipped in what YOU choose to find.

Could you see this tiny gift of God's beauty from the beginning?
If not, perhaps your perspective needs to be re-defined.

That's a big word.

Eli is at the peak of curiosity with words and their meanings these days. At times it is so tiring to try to explain what they mean.

Mom, what's this mean? Literally the word, this.

Yesterday's list would also include: devastating, gondola, bitter, and delightful.

Casey is learning at least 3 new words or concepts everyday. Watching him marvel at the way three words go together to communicate a thought is unbelievable.

The other day it was: Mommy, my car brrrrooom broooom up go too?

He wanted to take the big wheel up to the top of the driveway and coast it down like Eli does.

He mastered the terminology and the correct application of the word too. And being the proud mommy that I am, I think he is well on his way to tackling action verbs as brroooom brrroom counts!

They both, in their own developmental stages, are on a word hunt. A quest for knowledge. A need to understand more. A longing for the bigger picture.

Stepping back or should I more appropriately say, when the kiddos are in bed and I have had time to get the 495th question wrestled off my back for a moment of peace and adult time, I have time to process their needs.

One word: AWESOME.

We all need to wonder more and not feel ashamed or embarassed about asking.

Perspective has been my word of wonder these days.

From the fall back with the time change, to the seasons changing clothes right in front of us, to the economy, gas prices, and even the election of a new president, perspective has had me wrapped up in his blanket watching it all unfold.

The 5:30 dusk, the leaves crunching under your feet, investments waving their hellos and swift goodbyes, $4.99 to $2.19 a gallon, and President Elect Obama.

We all have our different views on the above. Some find no joy in it being 9:00 EST time and just beginning to get dark. Some relish in the sounds of the leaves crunching on a brisk autumn stroll. Some are devastated by the loss of massive amounts of money. Some never had any to lose at all. I think we are all most likely on the same page when it comes to the pump. And lastly, our new president bring some people much hope while it leaves others feeling unsure and unsettled.

Perspective. How you look at things...the view you's up to you.

Although we may not all agree, we do have a choice in the perspective we take.

We all need reminders every now and then to re-define our outlook and fine tune what our minds have trained our eyes to see.

Do you see just another picture of a cluster of the color changing trees?

Or do your eyes peer intently at the small and simple gift of beauty that God has given each of us to find?

...twinkles of splendor and shadow play are here for all of us if we just train our minds to seek. OH, what our eyes will find.

.mac :-)