Unpredictable. I like this word. I like the song even better.

The boys and I were eating breakfast this morning and in the middle of talking about the trees changing colors as we gazed outside our kitchen window while gnawing on mom's best and ever frequent breakfasts: the Nutri-grain bar, it began a mini ice storm for exactly 20ish seconds. I mean the sky was clear but overcast, and then all of a sudden, mini ice crystals were all we could see. They looked like the 1/100th of the size of these guys.

I hurried to take a picture, but the above was all that was left.

That was unpredictable.

It's just there are times when this word isn't really the happiest of guests to see at your front door.

Hmmmmmm. Let's rattle off a list, shall we?

1. Your toddler telling you he's got GO potty...you know GO...at the back of Wal-mart when the only bathroom that isn't being cleaned at the moment is the one located at the front.
2. Zits that greet you from an overnight stay on your face.
3. Where your cat's hairball is located as you climb of bed in the morning.
4. The words you hear your 21 month old spout off to his big brother.
5. The check engine light in my car.
6. The length of time your children will nap
7. Our downstairs T.V. remote
8. The grocery bill
9. Gas prices
10. My children's behavior in the public library

Yes, predictability would be nice sometimes, wouldn't it? I think so. I mean there is safety when things are predictable. The course is charted. The pace is set. Things are in place so to speak.

But then again, unpredictability doesn't have to be all bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, my ten spots up there oftentimes ain't bringin' me no love, but unpredictability can bring some joy...

1. A sweet, unexpected soap opera kiss goodbye from your husband
2. Extra fries in the bottom of the McDonald's bag when you thought they were all gone
3. Cobble boys sleeping in until 8:30 AM.
4. A new hairdresser that truly understands the meaning of "no roots."
5. Surprise gifts in the mail
6. A new design that comes out perfectly the first try
7. Finding cash money in your pocket that you didn't know was there.
8. Seeing someone you never thought would reconcile with another finally take that step
9. Cheap wine that actually tastes good
10. Best friends showing up on your doorstep unplanned

Yep, I can handle those unknowns with ease. Bring'em on.

And in my little world, unpredictability is often with the crowd I run with.

I like trees. I like the ones that stay green all the time and look sticky.
Me: Those are called evergreen trees, E-man. They don't lose their leaves when the seasons change.
Eli: I love green, mom.
Me: I know you do, son.
Eli: What are those trees that are losing their leaves called?
Me: Broad leaf trees.
Eli: The are fluffy and floaty.
Me: Yeah, they kinda are, aren't they?
Eli: I like trees.
Casey: UNUHBOGEENO-UHNU...bootball game, daddy?
Me: No, daddy's football game is on Friday not today, Case.
Eli: I like those trees, mom. I do. I like green best.
Casey: Bite-bites, mommy. Bite-bites?
Me: We are almost home, bud. We will get bite-bites when we get home.

See what I mean. Unpredictable.

After lunch, Eli began working on this on his own. Now, don't get me wrong, I added the words and the trunks to the trees after he brought them to show me and we talked about what he drew, but the kiddo was processing the concept of Evergreen and Broad leaf...at 3 1/2!!!

Then, on our way home from afternoon activities, it was this:

: Mom. There they are.
Me: Who?
Eli: My best friends.
Casey: Bootball game? Daddy?
Eli: See'em?
Me: What are you talking about, Eli?
Eli: Look in the field. They are best friends and they are my best friends too. They like each other and that is why they stay close.
This was the image he was talking about...

Eli: See mom? Evergreen and Broad leaf. They are not the same, but they are friends.
Me: Holy cow, Eli. You are awesome! (Snap, I take the pictures.)
Casey: YAY!! (Clapping loudly) He was probably thinking about daddy and the "bootball game."

Random learning...that's what unpredictability will get you.

So, I like it. This unpredictable-ness. Cause it's a constant in your life no matter what you do to try to stop it. So I say, might as well just roll with it and find joy in the unknown when you can.

Like the unpredictability Kenny finds in my attire when he comes home from work...

I'll hope for the unpredictability that he will give a fancy soap opera kiss to this face...

Flying by the seat of my pants in more ways than one...

:-) .mac

Finding ways not to go to sleep tonight, Eli informed me that he thought he was nocturnal. Yes, he thought he was "like the owls." Oh boy!

I rolled with it and sent that owl hooting off to bed!