The Fortunate Tin

This mailbox was lucky,
The fortunate tin,
Not just any mailbox gets pink balloons,
Yep, 705 N. High was the one chosen to wait eagerly for Mollye's life to begin.

The 25th of July,
It was a slightly overcast day,
I was decked out in my uni,
"Aunt Meghan" the shirt did, in fact, say.

I was anxious,
I was giddy,
I was nervous too.
For it was Mollye's birthday...
I was soon to see those eyes of blue.

My brother's daughter. WOW. What did I just say?
For it seems like only yesterday,
We were outside riding bikes,
You know, fussing over who got the next turn to play.

Adam's little girl...
I was beside myself to see,
Would she have his fingers? His toes?
An aunt I was REALLY going to be!

Filled with excitement, I designed this and handmade that...

She just had to have the cutest diaper bag there was!

You would do it too,
Just looking at Miss Mollye in her mama...
I was smitten. There, I said it. Yes, I had the Mollye buzz!

Now her mama,
Well, she melts my heart too.
Adam's wife; Mollye's mama; my new sister.
It's like all of my dreams come true!

My first quilt EVER...
For Mollye Addison it had to be.
My heart leapt with every stitch,
A Dancing Heart I would give MAC #3.

Her quilt inspired by this book I found several years ago,
This message was my growing up reality,
Oh, I loved my mom so.
For she was the first Mollye.
Mollye Ann Casey to be exact.
Her first born and only daughter, Meghan Alicia, that's me,
Left not 1, but now 2 with the initials that spelled MAC.

And then, like magic, she was here.
An angel sent to earth to stay.
My heart turned upside down,
MAC #3, you, without a doubt,took my breath away.

With each tiny grunt and each finger curl,
We all watched star gazed by her baby grace,
Talking about her future,

Taking turns to kiss her face.

Mollye's mom and dad,
Well, they were just as pleased as punch,
Happy to be home,
BOTH READY for some naps and home cooked LUNCH!

Tiny Mollye was home,
Her life at 705 N. High to begin,
Pink balloons a wavin',
Check out my proud little brother's grin.

I couldn't resist.
Mama and Daddy were away,
Aunt Meghan had Mollye strike a pose,
Pretty good for 3 days old, I must say!

The Cobble boys came to meet their new cousin,
They trampled her nursery and ate every snack,
Kissing her cheek and rubbing her head...
Then off to find something else to get them off track!

Using Eli's stuffed animal for a pattern, I did it again.
I just couldn't resist bloomers and a dress,
Made with "our" initials and MAC #1's buttons,
I loved every minute of it; I must confess.

As for her Uncle Kenny...
From this picture, I think you can tell,
Each are in love,
"It's okay, Mollye...looking into his blue eyes...I was the first MAC that "fell."

Would you just look at this girl?
Man, she's getting SO big!
Just 10 weeks old...
Good thing her daddy owns a rig.

2 1/2 months...
Long legged Mollye is out and about,
Ready for some pumpkin patch action,
When, in fact, did those long legs sprout?

Well, it's Halloween time,
And you know, I had to, you see,
Mollye has to be the cutest punkin'
So k.Mac when on a lil' designing spree...

Miss Mollye, Miss Mollye,
Aunt Meg loves you so,
A beautiful 3 month old MAC...
705 N. High mailbox wasn't the only one lucky, you know.

Hooray for pink balloons!

:-) .mac