A BOOtiful time of year!

Simply put, I am a sucker for Halloween. It is one of my favorite celebrations. I like that with this celebration you can do as little or as much as you want without feeling a tremendous amount of pressure.

Here at the Cobble household, we make it a point to enjoy Halloween to its fullest with candy eating EVERYDAY in the month of October. YES. Everyday. I know I am possibly setting a bad example. But seriously what is the point of Halloween if you can't fully relish in its candy feasting both before and after?

spooky shirts frequently adorning our backs...

This was my first attempt at applique. I just kinda went with it. The whole family got some! I couldn't resist the opportunity to be the only girl skeleton...blame it on the bow.

decorations in each room,

This tree you see here is the sole member of our Cobble Welcoming Committee. He works full-time year round changing his outfits every month to greet the guests to our home.
You can call it my "at home" bulletin board as you can take the classroom out of the teacher, but you can't take the teacher out of the classroom. I have done this tree since Kenny and I have been married. I have visions of working with the boys to make decorations for the tree each month. I think this could be fun. Yes, I have even have the HOPE that one day when I am long and gone, my boys will fuss over who gets mom's welcoming tree with the 12 monthly boxes of decorations. Who am I kidding? Their wives will trash that crap and call me the cooky ole MIL! A girl can dream can't she? Good thing this employee of ours works for free.

and of course, MUCH deliberations over what we will be this Halloween!
Last year we were this:

A cow and a chicken!
I had a great time making these costumes.

Casey was almost 9 months old. Making his costume hat required sewing the fleece hat and then hot glue for the feathers. I was a little leary about whether or not he would actually keep it on, but miracously, once it was on, it was out of sight; out of mind!!

Eli was just 2 1/2. He requested this costume specifically with a green cow bell collar. He wore black cowboy boots for his hooves!

This year's costume requests are:
Eli: a green train
Casey: a "bootball" (football)

So, Kenny is in charge of the train man which I am imagining will require some type of a refridgerator box, straps, some green acryllic paint, and an exacto knife.

I have the privilige of taking care of the "bootball." I'm scheming with some brown felt, elastic, stuffing, brown tights, and some white threading.

We will see. Spooky times call for spooky creating. Kenny and I both being left handed provides all the more spookiness.

This year k.Mac has been up to some spookiness too! I have had several orders for these:

These two are our Peep Show bag design:

And this little devil is our newest design out, The Paperdoll. She has a bucket bottom and 5 interior pockets:

Oh, yes. Halloween is a grand ole time! The guys and I just recently went to a local playground called The Pumpkin Patch to play. The name is perfect for this time of year, but the playground is more than you could ever dream of with the coolest shaky bridges, super fast slides, and sandboxes galore! I will definitely have to post pics of this playground for you to fully appreciate its wonderment for little guys.

After playing, we had to stop by the Pumpkin Patch's next door neighbor's house and finished our afternoon off with these...

Halloween. You gotta love it!

Boo to you!

k.Mac :-)