So, I am taking what you see below as a compliment. You remember my favorite shoes from this post, right?

Well here they are live...

I laugh hysterically at this video each time that I see it.

Casey. My high heel black patent peep toe heels. My cell phone.

Lights. Camera. Action. Roll'em.

Yes. Those are my favorite shoes.
Yes. I talk on the phone from time to time.
No. I don't wear these shoes on a daily basis while walking around the house and talking on the phone.

Apparently in Casey's mind I do.
Not too shabby for a 19 month old in 3 inch heels, huh?

Kids. You gotta love'em!

:-) .mac

p.s. Pay no attention to the 3 year old pretending that the bath tub is his boat in the background. Shhh. Don't tell daddy.