Hanging On and Letting Go

Fabric collections of old,

Blue jeans that are too,

Each has a season,
Each,in time, bids adieu.

Just as my sweet summer sneaks away to a newborn fall,

Last looks at plump flowers.

Another gaze finds withering. Ah, yes. Summer's final curtain call.

Turn my head to the side,
I'll try not to let this change bring me down,
Yep, ignorance will be my safeguard.
My mind will stop time. This life shift won't make me frown.

Oh no. Time's not listening.
He's arrogant in his cause.

Why, I see my little baby,
Reading with his big brother...WAIT!
Please time, let me press PAUSE!

Life changes; seasons stretch and shift.
If only that were true for my blue jeans,
And NOT for my breasts after nursing...
Well, they could use a good lift.

But worry, alas, I will not.
For with each change, I can make time be my friend.
For out with the old comes the new.
Yes. Yes. It's on change I can depend.

I'll welcome harvests and chily morns.
I'll make giddy over new fabric collections too.

Ripe, rich colors.
Well, come on in! My, my, what shall I design with you?

As for my baby,
It's like I meet Casey McGill more and more each day.

Football's his favorite.
He would like for vegetables to go away.

For it was on this day I never would have known,
That he would be my tough guy; my fiesty, protective little man,
Never then would I have seen it,
For he barely even fit into our hands.

And those seasons,
Well, change if you must.
For every one of you gives us something joyeous to celebrate.
Okay time, I'll turn the corner.

Just quit being so pushy! Give me a minute to get my bags out,
Hang on! WAIT!!

Now as for the jeans, well dang-it...
At a stand still I am.

I ain't welcoming this change,
NO! NO! I will not!
These jeans made me happy.
I fit so nicely into them; Kenny,did I not?

Yes, it's clear that change holds the reins,
Yep, with this I will simply sigh and give in.
Those sweet thrfited jeans were my favorites,
Alas, chalk the "W" up in the swiss cake roll column,
I think they earned the win.

I'll relax now.
Finish my coffee; let me pencil dreaming begin,
Begin what you ask?
Oh, just a new bag design for k.Mac.

Why is that?
Change? Have you met him yet?
Let me introduce you to my new best friend.

Happy Monday!!

:-) .mac

P.S. Thank you to all of our participants in KP's birthday celebration! You ALL receive the 20% off!! I look forward to designing with you!