Have you ever thought about the whole GPS rage?

In my recent birthday adventure trip, I rode with Kenny's mom and his step dad. (More fondly known as Mom-mom and Larro) We used one of these gadgets to get from point A to point B.

It became quite humorous actually.

The GPS was feminine as it's voice over was a woman's. Now, that there deserves a chuckle, ladies. I mean seriously, the percentage of men out there that would stop for directions much less even consider taking them from a woman...a voice operated woman at that, is probably about as many as the number of times my 19 month old has gone to the big boy potty.

So, we use this GPS to chart our course to a destination that each of us has been to more times than we can count. I mean, we could have probably blind folded Mom-mom and I would lay my money on the table that her instincts alone could motor us right to Kristi's.

But it was GPS or bust.

We listened to that woman take us through side streets, old highway junctions, and scenic roads as opposed to our regular interstate turns. Each time she (that's what we called her)would courteously tap out the next wave of directions with a route that was different from what we were used to, all three of us would go into great deliberation. We himmed and hawwed on whether or not we should be obedient passengers riding on the gas fumes of ignorance or should we stick to the course we knew like the back of our hand.

This GPS experience has got my wheels turning.

We are all guilty of putting more stock into a computer generated, electronic set of instructions. This GPS role plays in countless ways in our lives. Have you ever done something because someone else told you to when your gut told you...

"to not to?"
-Mater, The movie CARS

Well, there you go. She, our sweet GPS from our trip, just made her debut in your life as well. Why do we question or deliberate over things already answered in the gut checks of our lives?

I mean you've got a skin care system that is working. I mean you are really seeing some improvements in your skin. After about 2 months you all of sudden get the notion you need to start looking for something different.

You get compliments every time you wear your sassy red shoes. Every time. But you start contemplating the idea of getting another kind of red shoe just for variations sake.

Or maybe you've found the perfect mascara. It covers and thickens, glosses and glistens those average Snuffalufugus lashes of yours. You tell every one about this product. Your tube is starting to dry up, and it enters your mind to "just see what else is out there." WHAT??? You are a CRAZY WOMAN!!!

Perhaps even you have a bag that is selling like hotcakes. And you think,hmmmmm. Maybe I'll change a little something here or even add a touch of this.

Or maybe even the hum-drums of life and the tug-o-wars you play with your ever precious to-do lists of gottgetheres and hurrypickupthisandgotheres have you questioning the meaning of it all. The "where is the purpose and why does it even matter."

YOUR GPS. Find it. Hold fast to it. Stick to it. Not the computer generated ever-friendly voice over. But the one that speaks to your soul and sits sweetly in your heart. The one that kicks you in the gut too. Don't go seeking for the she that can tell you what is right or best.

That she is a fraud.

Keep what works in your life. Keep what you know and have success with. Find your CONTENTMENT and happiness there.

And then rest...yes, REST and relish in it.

My GPS. I'll stick to it.

: "Nice talk, Meg."

Take that, she!

.mac :-)