{life jacket}

This life is one wave after another, Eli.  It's rockin' the boat.  It's diving in when you're just not sure of the water's temperature.  It's moving.  Forward.  Backward.  Forward again.  Even the calmest waters have the consistency of rhythm; there is a current deep within us all. Ripples run through us. It's His master plan.  The ripples.  The ever churning swirls beneath.  He put them in us all.  To be stirred.  To create a noise and to make a splash.  Be purposeful in your endeavors.  Don't shy away from the unknown. Stay not in the boat out of fear.  Yes, it's true.  We are designed to sink.  Without physical motion in concordance with an astute awareness of our surroundings as well as our breaths, we will plunge deep.  Be purposeful. Aware.  Ready.  Ready for the awesomeness of the ride. The peaks and the pits. The wind and the water around you. The weightlessness inside the movement. Freedom.  Hold on all while you're letting go. He forever will be your life jacket.  

Make waves, Eli Garrett. 
Make waves.

Mama :)

{week 48:  my 2 in 52}