Some people freak at surprises. Like the kind of freak where they can't decide whether to be ill as a hornet or just tore-up-from-the-floor-up flabbergasted. And me?  Well, I like'em.  I love to give them and get them.  There's something simple in giving a heartblast.  That's what I call surprises.  And, heartblast is the perfect description too.  It's simply lining up your hands and feet with the impromptu flash of love that God settles into your heart.   
I've made it a point to teach the boys the joy of heartblasting someone.  They have a name for a certain kind of heartblast we love to do.  It's called the hit-n-run.  It doesn't take any special occasion or celebration, just the notion and the energy to act out of love.  With this particular hit-n-run, it was Mom-mom's birthday.  
Coming up with what the surprise should be is so fun.  For this hit-n-run, we decided to amp Mom-Mom up with all her favorites yummies.  Other heartblast surprises aren't always hit-n-runs.  We've just showed up on people's doorsteps we have been missing for a visit, dropped off treats for a short stay and even sent goodies in the mail to someone who's on our mind.  
The boys get so super stoked for hit-n-runs though.  They map out the plan of attack.  Who's going to be the setter-upper of the goods?  Who's gonna ring the doorbell?  Where should Mom park with the car running for a fast getaway?  

I hope the boys remember that these acts are just exactly what makes hearts a little happier, moreover smiles a little wider in between the rough patches.  I hope they remember it doesn't take lots of money.  It just takes that instinctual obedience to scatter joy with a little bit of time & creativity.  I hope they remember to share these heartblasts with their wives when they are grown.  I hope they don't forget that flower lesson of mine too.  

.mac :)

{week 49:  my 2 in 52}