Merry & Magical

Christmas is for our hearts.  It's that joyous hiatus from hurry that settles with us for a time.  The pause is there to remind us of just why we are here.  As I spend my time documenting this day in our family's history, I can't help but look back at the way my very own Christmas has changed from little girl until now.  My steadfast & sturdy memories of 12/25 have weaved a tapestry with many colored threads of different.  And, this variety show of holiday celebration only makes sense.  For time and space change.  People do too.  They come and go from your life right along with the magic & wonder of a child's heart.  Maturity leaves a new kind of Christmas at your doorstep.  Likewise, does marriage.  And, the role of parent places you smack dab in the middle of your makings of what magic looks like for your own.  
If you're not careful you can tinsel out with the traditions of typical just for to-doing's sake.  Traditions are tricky you know.  They are so very sought after yet, if not careful, can be the sponge that soaks the spirit of what makes Christmas so special.  I'm glad that Kenny and I, along with our families, have worked to keep Christmas simple and given our best to honor the sincerity of the season.
Once the boys came along, we made it a point to see both sides of the family {which can be a carnival ride in itself as each of our families are scattered and separated for many different reasons}.  But, Christmas Day was ours.  This day was set aside for jammies and toy untangling.  It was our day to rest in the joy of Jesus and the happiness of each other.  The boys were amped to say the least to put out Santa's key on our front door, don't you think?
Christmas Eve was spent attending our church service and then maxing out in the moments of wide open home. Kenny was deejay.  The boys were off the chain playing and super excited for Santa.  And, I was completely content with reading not one Santa story.  I danced to the tunes that filled our home, drank wine and watched on as the boys made the most out of pretend.  At one point, they were shirtless in "muddy army trenches" fighting the Chinese.  Not kidding.  
Reindeer food, carrots, a sampling of our baked goodies and a good ole mug of cow's best was set out for Mr. Claus.  Eli felt compelled to leave Santa just one more note even though he had already sent him a detailed 2 page letter back in early December.  
Our morning began at 7:30 AM.  The boys' elf, George, had made his trip back to the North Pole with Santa, but was kind enough to leave behind a note.  
Kenny was just as excited as the boys were to see what all Santa had left.  This is one of my favorite images captured from the morning's festivities.  The security and contentment this photograph leaves my heart with is more precious than gold.
It was an artillery kinda Christmas for the boys.  Their number one requests were a SWAT team and Marine Combat dress up kit.  These kits came complete with leg holsters, grenades, knives, goggles, pistols and safety helmets with pseudo radio headsets.  
Eli received his very first "official" gun from Santa as well.  A Marine AirSoft gun to be exact. I love the look on his face as he is showing me just exactly what this is.
A Navy Seal boat and Marine boat were unloaded from Santa's sack as well.  These boats came with all of the cool doo-dad accessories that only heighten real life play.
Cool Dads try out the toys you know.  
Santa did work on the delish plate left for him.  Knocked back a cold one and stuffed his reindeer with the antler goody goodness too.

Our Christmas Day didn't stray too far from what you see in this final image above.  Seventy umpteen bajillion Nerf bullets found their way into any corner or house crevice they could.  Bed blankets were used as barracks for reloading.  I took off for a 3 mile run to break free from the testosterone temple for just a bit.  Kenny implemented his mad culinary skills to produce our Christmas dinner's main dish:  fried chicken. I accompanied him to complete the plate with mashed potatoes, rolls, a colorful salad and corn.  Great friends stopped in that evening for a surprise visit too.  Our merry was most magical.  I am thankful for the slowness of our day celebrating the birth of our Savior and the simplicity of family together.  As time and space will inevitably change for our family of 4, I won't forget the merry & magical of this year's 12/25. Tucked into my heart's treasure trove, it most certainly is.  Seventy umpteen bajillion Nerf bullets & all.

.mac :)

{week 18: my 2 in 52}