Lacey Jo

My heart is k.Mac.  I am most certain it always has been.  As a little girl, I remember the delight I found in my mom's fabric cabinet.  The double doors were tricky to open.  You kinda had to push, lift and pull all at the same time.  I don't know if it was because, on the inside, there were beau coups of fabric just waiting to ooze from out of their maple framed home or if it was because this cabinet was mom's wardrobe bought brand new upon her arrival into this world.  Be it age or overstuffedness, it really matters not.  The heart of my hands and my imagination was in that cabinet.  It's push, lift and pull set the tone for my creativity.  I just know it.  Because you do, you know?  Just know it.  You know when your heart finds relevance and purpose with your hands.  It's that settling certainty that puts fullness in your stride and color in your cheeks.  It's God's gifts to you being given out to others and, in turn, yourself. 

And, that's why I make for the little ones like Lacey Jo.  Her aunt contacted me to design a custom tee for Lacey Jo's 2nd birthday.  And with each client contact like this, I am very aware and even more so honored.  I'm aware that customized appliqued tees are a dime a dozen on Etsy. I also know the plethora of embroidery applique software out there and available to whip out cute designs clean & fancy too.  

But, I am honored.

Honored her aunt chose me.  Honored she chose my hands and my artistry-drawing-turned-applique for her precious Lacey Jo.  Kenny, oftentimes, will ask me:  "Meg, why do you still do applique from hand? The time you have in the artwork transformed into a fabric design is so much. By the time you have the applique and embroidery complete, your have no profit gained."
And, my heart responds, "Because I love it." It's that push, lift and pull in me.  The journey I take from idea to art fills me.  It gives me a settling certainty that I can't really explain.  Um, yes.  It is just a tee shirt.  But, not really.  It's the love I feel from a client that choses to gift something unprocessed and handmade.  

The words from this client in an email to me about her niece:

"I am so excited! As if you couldn't tell, I'm loving having a niece. My son is 13 and my brothers' two boys are 12 and 13. So, when little Lacey came along, we all just melted."

This is the heart of k.Mac.  My heart swells just thinking that I was chosen to express that love in a material form as a gift from an aunt to her niece.  And, well, we all know, I am kinda partial to being an aunt, right?

Lacey Jo turned two.  I loved the striped candles.  It was important to me to provide depth in the flames with two different fabrics.

The cupcake had to be smooth and full of rippled texture much like that of yummy icing too.  And, I couldn't stop there.  The cupcake paper was perhaps where my mind soared into creative heaven.  I pleated the wrapper for a 3D aesthetic value as well as rippled the top with a nice, clean finished edge all hugged up around the bottom of the cupcake.

Lacey Jo's aunt was kind enough to put the cherry on top for me too.  She sent me pictures of Lacey Jo celebrating her special day for me to enjoy.  I treasure that my clients feel comfortable enough to want to share these intimate family memories with me.

Could Lacey Jo be any cuter I ask you?  A double name, platinum locks and amazingly blue eyes.  Yep, I am quite certain her father is already taking the necessary precautions.

My client's words regarding her {mollyemade} purchase:  

"We absolutely love Lacey's shirt, and everyone at her party had a fit over it! I gave out all the business cards you sent."

Thank you to those who choose handmade.  Its satisfaction is not immediate nor is it easily accessible.  It requires time and work and forethought.  But isn't that true for some of the best things in life?  I think so. The push, lift and pull in me reminds me all the time.

There is joy in making from scratch.  And, there's joy in being an aunt too.  
{Happy Halloween to my sweet Mollye and Mallory!}

I am certain Lacey Jo's aunt would agree with me.

May God's gifts continue to ooze out of me from overstuffedness, 

.mac :)