Note to Self

This year of rhythm is teaching me oh so well.  It's crazy cool how all it takes is a little focus and reassessment of priorities to debunk and de-clutter the innards of life.  Life speaks to us all if we let it I like to think.  It sings out choruses rich & deep.  On repeat for a reason.  I am hoping that I am making the time be it precise or in a pinch to stop and chime in with my iamsoanaltobutwishiwasasoprano voice off key & all.

The world around me is slow.  I choose for it to be.  Slow in the sense that I do my best not to over commit to social gatherings.  Do you know how hard this is being the Chatty Cathy that I am?  I could easily be in like 3 women's groups, on 2 separate committees and if that church we're visiting ain't careful, you might just hear a shrill alto-squeezed-soprano from the good ole choir loft.  

I have always been an all or nothing gal.  I can't start something unless I know it is, without a doubt, my damn best.  This blows on several levels to be quite frank with you.  I have this conversation at times with myself and it goes a little something like this {Thank you, RUN-DMC and Aerosmith}:  "Meg, don't go so deep and be strangled by the life of an overachiever.   Chilax for a hot minute.  If the boys aren't read to everyday, the world will still rotate.  If the first draft a new design is a wash, there will be another.  If Kenny Cobble wants McDonald's chicken nuggets for dinner, roll with it, damnit."  I am finding my year of rhythm reminding me that my journey is worth just what I put into it.  They work and the joy.   

And there is joy in my gifts.  Joy in my passions too.  I need be reminded of this as my laughter is precious. My smile is too. To myself and to others. My time used for listening and living out with people I love dear needs a little more attention.  This rat race is mine.  I am the pace car.  Heck, I even love cheese.

Note to self.

.mac :)