{in my arms}

A week ago today I spent my Friday with this little snugglebug, her big sistertheir mama and my 2 boys.  Spending the day as Aunt Meg and Mama was just what I wanted to do.  I did my best to help Kim with Mollye's birthday party preparations, but ended up lovin' on Miss Mallory for most of the day. Watching her sleep in my arms is good medicine I tell you. I took breaks every now & again from swaddles only to capture images of Mollye, Eli and Casey catching a wild baby bunny, disperse nourishment to these rugrats and attempt a 3 mile run on foreign Franklin County soil.

I want to remember.

  • the laughter of cousins sliding down wet water declines
  • Mollye's obliviousness to her bathing suit turning into a thong 
  • Eli's proctoring and safeguards to the younger 2 wild ones
  • layering the different colored cake batter into jelly jars for kiddie rainbow cakes
  • Mallory's sweet sideways smile and happy tiny giggles as I talked to her
  • the uncanny way that Mollye and Casey just get each other.  
  • a very untidy playroom as playing was top priority
  • slumbering in sleeping bags atop a blown up air mattress next to my little men
  • the sight of a sister-in-law determined to throw one heckuva 4th birthday party
  • watching her succeed
  • painting on sweet little faces in the summer sun
  • giving Mollye "4 fives" over and over again for her birthday
  • seeing my boys be such good helpers and friends to others the entire weekend
  • eating donuts with my brother
  • playing in my little girl lake
  • showing the boys where I grew up
  • Chocolate Yohoos from Speedy Sak
  • taking my Dad-daddy strawberry ice cream on a stick
  • Tims Ford Marina breakfast buffet 
  • feeding fish and picking out dream boats

I want to remember my family.  
Their love. 
 Their happy presence in my life.  
A week ago today.

Good medicine I tell you,

.mac :)