He likes'em.

I'm sure you remember this post about our new neighbors, right? Eli has made quite the connection with these new friends if you'll recollect too.  It would appear the feeling is mutual.  Meet Toad.  He is the miniature horse that lives next door.  He's 1 of the 10 four-leggers that live but a stone's throw away and to the right of our home.  Being the only tiny one, he has learned to get out of the fenced pasture. While out, he roams around the long grass that separates our property from his.  Here lately, he has even made his way into our yard for a few munching visits.  The boys love on him real good inside the fence and even more, so when out and about.  He's been making daily trips into our yard this past week.  And, yesterday?  Well, our neighbors to the left of us (they're two-leggers) sent me this picture via text.  The boys and Kenny walked into the kitchen to find Toad with his face pressed against our back porch glass doors just asking for the boys to come out and play.

Have I mentioned we live in a rural place?

Gotta love it,

.mac :)