The role of teacher is one I hold in high regard.  The pay is miserable, the workload is obtuse and, at times, unattainable to complete.  The recognitions are few and far between and the respect is often a worn out woven rug tattered, tugged on and torn.  

But, the rewards?

They are invaluable.  

I was honored to fill a custom design need for one very special teacher from a client of mine this year.  This precious client was so very sweet and vulnerable with her desire to give this teacher just the right gift.  She was looking for ideas both practical and genuine. Together, she and I designed a gift propelled straight from the heart.    

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, my client and her husband had been ushered along with the notion that their son might need to repeat kindergarten from the get go.  They were told that their son just might not be able to master all that was necessary in just one year's span.

But this boy was lucky.  He was in Mrs. Book's kindergarten class.  

Mrs. Book assured my client that her son was ready to learn. That her son could do it.  And, that she would do absolutely everything possible along every step of the way to encourage and strengthen this little boy's success in kindergarten.

And, that's just what happened.  

Through hard, hard work at home with huge doses of love from mom and dad, this little boy was sent off each day where Mrs. Book matched that step-for-step at the schoolhouse.  Tears and time-n-again tries were exercised, and this sweet boy climbed mountains and lept big tall buildings when the projected status said it just wouldn't happen.

believe |biˈlēv|
verb [ trans. ]
1 accept as true; feel sure of the truth

Mrs. Book did in this boy.

And, upon time to find a way to honor her awesomeness as an educator of young minds, my client and I designed for her.
My client sent me a traced hand of her son who took on kindergarten like no other.  I chose red and navy as a color palette.  Red for the power that transcends into potential from Mrs. Book to each of her students.  Navy representing an unwavering vision and a steady pursuit of success.

My hands worked to reproduce a little boy's hand.  A hand symbolic of countless writing assignments, a whole lotta high fives and "You can do its!".  A hand holding onto the bigger ones that told him he was awesome each step of the way.

Mrs. Book's name was to be placed right underneath this 5 fingered success story as without her holding him up, this little one might not have had the wonderful kindergarten year he experienced.

A pillow for Mrs. Book's rocking chair.  The place where she sits and inspires.  Where she settles down and serves up inspiration and excitement with each new adventure read.

My client had the wonderful idea to quote one amazing children's author.  These words are the heart inside of Mrs. Book.  Dr. Seuss' s words-in-action-by-her provided this little boy the opportunity to stretch out and grow from the place where his learning began.  

I sent a fabric marker with this custom design for my client, her husband and their KINDERGARTEN GRADUATE to leave personal handwritten notes around the quote housed on the backside of Mrs. Book's pillow.

Mrs. Book believed.
She believed in a little boy who needed nothing more than that.
And for this, our world is a better place.

Thank you to all the wonderful Mrs. Books out there.

.mac :)