Meeting Mallory

My little brother's youngest daughter came into this world in a radical way.  She was moved by the elements that be.  Not yet were her eyes even to consider a peep out into this world until the second week of April and as I type this, she is 6 days old. 

Kim's pregnancy with Mallory took twists and turns and then stand stills and sidle alongs too.  It was not a straight shot approach to moving a family of 3 up one more notch in their population status.  Radical is a good word to describe it, yes.

So given the opportunity and honor to design Mallory's b. blanket, I knew just what fabric collection I wanted to use. 
Kim has amazingly deep and electric blue eyes.  She and Adam's wedding colors were actually in this wonderfully rich and dreamy tone.  Their wedding was outside in my Mom-mommie and Dad-daddy's field saturated in Spring buds anew with trees all around like bridesmaids and groomsmen.

And, perhaps what I love most about being a designer is the connection I get to make with the product and the recipient.  I love nothing more than creating pieces that tell the story.  I told Mollye's birth story  here and b.blanket story here; it is only fitting that I begin the storybook of Mallory.
Mallory's birth was but a Meadow Walk to me. It was the heart of Kim and her little one taking turns and twists watching life grow.  Times where the pace was leisurely and long looking out at the beauty of it all.  And, then times for rest to stop and focus in on the path ahead.  

 This walk was not planned with a map and you can bet there were thorns and branches. But, the beauty of the flowers were more precious than you could imagine.

What a precious meadow walk this turned out to be.

Mallory Alaine is fragrantly growing with love day by day.  Her journey much like a meadow walk.  Eager and ever-so-carefully on the hunt for what's next along the way.

I am so thankful my path wandered into hers. For the beauty of this flower is more precious than I ever could have imagined.

Aunt Meg :)