lycra + wrinkles = wonderful.

I think I missed my athletic calling.  I was a college athlete.  Not sure if anyone out there really knew that or not.  I played basketball and soccer.  After suiting up in this new-to-me skirt, why, I ask you, didn't I play tennis?

Got this sweetie pie with the built-in shorts made of the softest lycra I have ever put my hands on [Just had the pleasure of educating my husband the term lycra this weekend by the way] at a Goodwill for $2.00.  

Clearly, I dressed myself out of the pile of wrinkled clean UNFOLDED clothes from the couch.  And, you know what?  I am in heaven wrinkles and all. A short skirt where you can bend over and you're totally covered.  Where was this skirt in my dancing days in college?  Seriously, I don't understand why I've never held a racket or why wrinkles aren't totally in style?  These questions I will ponder for the rest of eternity I guess.

Happy Monday!

.mac :)