{key ingredient}

Did you know that one of the key ingredients to a longer life is friendship?

No, seriously, it is.  Read here.

Feeling like you have someone to turn to is an element not to leave out of your recipe of life.

And, that's hard, you know?

Hard not to leave out.

I mean, you've got your job, your husband, your Pinterest obsession, your kids, your church activities, your pets, your to-dos, your time wasted on Facebook, your immediate family, and last but oh-no not least, your groceries to get and the overall general maintenance to uphold in that abode of yours.

And, we can't leave out that teeny little detail called proximity, now can we?

Yep, putting on the proverbial big girl panties is no fun at times.

{I type this now with both of my boys sick with ear infections and I have a sink full of dirty dishes.  It's 12:30 in the AM and jimmy cracked corn & I don't care.}

But if you're lucky.
If you're just lucky enough.
There will be an empty little spot inside your soul that just won't settle until it's soothed.

You know the spot. The one that sets up camp with a scoreboard of how many times you can actually pee your britches and spit drink out your nose all while crying at the same time uncontrollably from being surrounded by dear, sweet friends that just get you. For you.

That's the one.

And, lawzy day in the morning, when that spot fills up inside of me, I am almost certain I can move mountains.

The girls in the photos above are precious to me.

And, it's not often enough we are able to share a time like the one displayed above.

I have so very many precious friends that I want to have in my life more often.
I wish every month had like 6 weekends in it, don't you?

The presence of a friend is an ingredient I'm making for certain not to leave out.
May we live to be 101, girls-o-mine.

.mac :)