A New Routine

Finding the folds of a new home is very much a process.  It's that gettingtoknowyou in the creaks of floors and closings of doors. Officially packed you find yourself unofficially unpacked and a clean palette of memories awaits the new house key's brush set.

We are doing just that in our Dumplin Valley space.  The regular motions of boyhood are becoming tucked into this place we now call home. Toys have their spots formal, scattered and favorited too.   And, the boys have become smitten with fixtures fresh from their Hillcrest hideaway.

The kitchen island is where you will find them oh, about 3-4 times a day.  Side by side, busily discussing  their way through the next chapter of Star Wars, NASCAR or Superhero play.  They color intensely in their Star Wars coloring books.  Selecting just the right shades for light sabers and Hans Solo's belt, I love to listen to them call out battle series asking just who would win in that particular dual.  Each immediately knows their champion of choice and is, by no means, afraid to defend the reasons behind their hero's proverbial victory.

Perhaps my favorite is that they choose to camp at the island while dinner making commences.  Music plays and my mind rests on their conversations and the series of my day.

And, there are even times when Kenny makes popcorn, quick-bake cookies or, on this particular occasion, brownies after dinner.  Within our new walls, I sit back and delight in mindfully documenting these goings-ons.

Our two close and here.

Our place here and now.

A new routine for this family of 4.  Island time in the kitchen.  It is my hope that 10 years from now you'll find all 4 of us in this very spot.

.mac :)