"The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty."
                                                                                        Beth Moore

I don't usually like to write in paragraphs.  For some reason breaks between sentences fit me best. If I'm really honest here, poetry fits me best.  But tonight I have this huddle-in-tight together conviction about my words.  So forgive me if this writing is but one long paragraphed procession.  I promise not to make habit of it. 

Have you ever tried to explain love?  Like, really explain it to a child?  It is the trickiest of definitions to verbally formulate.  I've had many failed attempts at a legitimate layman's term definition with just me and my pencil during quiet journal times.

But to know when it's there? Always.  You can feel it.  It's deep and certain.  It's breathtaking and comforting and wholesome. And when my thoughts dwell on those in my life whom I love, feelings permeate my being and my senses awake.  BAM.  Memories, snapshots and stories rush through my mind sending signals of joy and tenderness to my soul.  This spiritual center of my existence stirs breathing action into my extremities. My nerve endings loosen, my breathing intensifies, my face feels full, and my smile widens.  These physical effects take place when I purposely focus on those in my life whom I dearly love.  

But, then to be one lucky enough to be the recipient of love?  What a precious gift. Upon reflecting on those in my life who love me, one word inevitably comes to mind:  comfort.  There is rest and even more so, peace, that derives from those in your life where the above paragraph is indicative of what they feel for YOU.  Trust soon follows this feeling which creates a surrounding that magnifies strength and goodness.

Love is action.  It is both the gift and the given.  It is what people of all walks seek.  It is the story of acceptance.  By products of love are kindness, service, selflessness, joy and work.  Never once when I think of those whom which I love and those whom I am truly loved by do I think of perfection or judgement.

When you love, your heart is saturated with the daily deposits and withdrawals of this most poignant & coveted emotion.  And, inevitably you fail, flub up, find yourself overdrawn or unpaid.  But love never leaves you. There's power in forgiveness and making things right.

Tonight thoughts of Kenny and the boys pulsate through me so much that even the keys I am typing feel electric.  I think of the ways in which I love them.  And, I think of the ways in which I receive their love.  It is powerful and so tremendously irreplaceable. Not one minute do I want to live without it.

And, that's just exactly what God thinks about His love for me and mine for Him.  

He is the action we call love. He is all that is felt and shared.  He is trust.  He is comfort. He is energy and expression too.   

I am not empty.  I have a God who loves me. He plans for me and considers just exactly who I am.  He speaks to me.  He praises me. He teaches me.  He gives me hope.  He provides me rest and inspiration too.  I am not empty for He dwells within my soul.  

It is in only here, in His love, that I will find my rhythm.

Thank you, God.  

.mac :)