A New Arrival

There is so much joy in new.

The anticipation, the wait, the wondering, the planning & preparing are all like one big pep rally for the arrival of freshness in something never seen or experienced before.

A little client of mine, along with her mama and daddy, are completely engulfed with joy of the newness they experienced this past November.

Miss Cameron became a big sister.  

And, well, she had to have one of k.Mac's Pretty Petite bags to help with all of the toting & doting that was to happen upon the arrival of her new little brother.

Meet Wesley and k.Mac's newest diaper bag design, The Antebellum.

The design session for this custom design order will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It was the last appointment in my studio at our home before we moved.

And, these clients are so precious.

I love nothing more than being intricately involved and hands-on when it comes to a client's custom design.  Both grandmothers of this client came along with the Cameron & Wesley's mama to help her design and select.


I was honored to make Cameron's diaper bag when she was born as well, so being asked to make Mr. Wesley's bag sent me over the moon.

And, the Antebellum is becoming so very popular for a choice in diaper bag designs.  It has no official page on my website but just from my test prototype sample bag out & about in the public eye, I have made 4 of these diaper bags for clients.

Let me tell you a little about it.

It has a side grommeted design in your choice of bow or sash format.  On each side, the bag comes equipped with 2 fabric pieced pockets.

I utilize silver round rings for the one-strap design for added texture and depth aesthetically.

Inside the bag, you will find 6 interior pockets for all of baby's must haves.  Not only are these pockets pieced and sufficiently reinforced, but they also make a great space for a personal embroidery message just to mama and babe.

The Antebellum boasts a zipper closure for added security for baby's necessities.

And, how great is a full length back zippered pocket?  This has been a feature clients speak so highly of with this new diaper bag design.

Peek-a-boo coordinating fabric corners are a detailed touch of couture within this design.  Upon the creation and sketching of this design, I wanted this bag to have ample space for name boasting.  I enjoy the way the grommeted sides edge out a polished look with coordinating silver hardware from the bag's silver o-rings.

This design session was so preciously fun.  The grandmas were oozing with joy for the anticipation of Mr. Wesley.  They showered their daughter/daughter-in-law with happy smiles and excitement as she worked to pick out just the right fabric collection and bag design. I loved that they opted to include Miss Cameron with a Mommy & Me matching Pretty Petite bag as well.

Miss Cameron and her mama were all set thanks to grandmothers' lovin.  With handmade k.Mac cuteness over their shoulders, they were ready for their new arrival.

And wouldn't you know it?

 NEW is in the air.

I'm going to be an aunt AGAIN!

My brother and sister-in-law Kim along with Miss Mollye are going to be a family of FOUR!
Don't you just adore their Halloween party costumes?
I CANNOT wait to make for Mollye's LITTLE SISTER and Mollye too! k.Mac's {mollyemade} is going to be an absolute blast this coming year I have no doubt.

I am honored to be making my sweet niece's nursery bedding.  I cannot wait to share with you the fabric collection Kim has chosen for the sweetheart's room.  This must be another post entirely.

And, well, we need your help!  

What k.Mac diaper bag should Kim carry?

I am using k.Mac's top 4 diaper bag designs in this poll along with the newest Antebellum design.  Go here to check out all of these diaper bags and more in greater detail.

I have no doubt that later on we will need your help on a fabric collection for this diaper bag too.  There are SO MANY to choose from.  Go here for a just a smidgeon of a peek at what Kim has at her fingertips.

Yes, new is good.  

new designs
new nieces
new clients
and a new address

k.Mac is happy!

.mac :)