In typical Meghan fashion, I am in constant battle with one louder vs. simply stated.

I love the one louder approach.

  • the boosts of accentuated color in a happenstance scarf around the neck
  • the little tike sporting the black and white striped long sleeved shirt under the tee
  • my wrists often look like I have raided my grandmother's bracelet stash in attempts to get them all on my arms.


So when a very special client contracted me to make her daughter's 1st birthday outfit, you can only imagine the tingling sensation in my wrists.

This client loves giving me a project and then providing me the freedom to just create.

Ahhhhh, thank you.

The theme was ladybugs.

I kept thinking, "Go simple. Classic jumper with ladybug applique & name underneath."

But, I couldn't.

And, I love how my boys are always there for added inspiration too.

Casey face found these ladybug buttons, and said, "Mom, these guys could sit on leaves on the dress!"

Well, then it was on.

I constructed a 3-dimensional applique completely drawn by hand.
And, couldn't stop there.  
This dress must have ladybug appliqued pockets for tiny hands too.

I opted for my ever popular summer couture dress, debuted first here.

Matching bloomers and many ruffles were are must you see.
And, who notices the ties on a dress?
I do!
I leaped at the chance to use the same ribbon from the {mollyemade} Twins from my hair happies line.
See, I use words like "leap" for sewing.
Yes, I'm THAT girl.

And, this sweet angel made my work boast beautifully.

1 year old and look at the modeling potential already.

I told you she needed those pockets for tiny hands!

This last picture swoons me.

  • Her chocolate locks, rich and long, all cinched up with the work of my hands.
  • Coordinating ribbons cascading down her caramel cherub back in a custom made halter dress.
  • Looking for her mama...

Oh, there is so much joy in handmade!

.mac :)