Two Sizes

I could make for her forever.

I really could.
Thinking of her makes the corners of my mouth sore from all that smiling I do.
With every shift in season, I delight in having little pretties like these ready for that sweet niece of mine.

Made from my hands.
For her.
And much like my 6th grade hairdos, I am adventurous in my Mollye sewing.
Trying new twists on designs and color schemes.
And Mollye makes all my stitches look flawless...
These outfits were just a portion of her {mollyemade} Spring Wardrobe for 2010. I fell in love with the versatility of this smock-pantaloons look, I just couldn't stop at one.
I was certain to make matching bloomers for both outfits so that Mollye could have a shorter sundress type smock with matching bloomers and then also sport the pantaloon capris for a completely new look with the smock top.
Can I just pelt out an "eeeeek"for handcut personalization with this lapel pin...

We all know accessories can make or break an outfit...

And well, I went one louder with an additional Easter egg shirt to wear with those pink pantaloons. I mean the more outfits the merrier, right? You may remember the introduction to this sweet little outfit you see here.

time |tīm|noun1 the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole
It's that time again.And I haven't even shared with you all of her Spring goodies from Aunt Meg.In fact, none of her Summer handmade lovies either.
But, that's what time does.It pays no heed to documentation; it scoffs at consistency too.It moves.Stretches us all.It takes niece's size seven feetsies and poofs them into size nines in just 3 short months.In one way or another... just look back and you"ll see the marks.
Two sizes.Yes, it's time.
For SIZE 9 shoe shopping.And, I think the corners of my mouth are starting to tingle just a tee-tiny bit.

Aunt Meg :)