This summer we took our annual beach trip as a family. Luckily, some of our best friends were beaching it too that week. We arranged a day of beach time together. Tyler coaches with Kenny. Sarah is one of my most favorite people and 1 of 3 in our infamous Goodwill Hunting trio. And Garyn? Well, he is one of the boys' big buds and member of the Batstreet Boys.

Humidity high and feverishly excessive on our mid-morning sandy pad, I noted the family of 3 heading out into the water for some together time.

Scrambling with a fumble pop, I removed the lens cap from my camera hoping for some framers. And no matter which angle I attempted, I COULD NOT crop my eldest son out of the view finder.

Wishful to remain the incognito photographer in stealth mode, I was apprehensive to just blurt out "Get outta the way, Eli!"

I kept trying. Contorting myself in all sorts of Twister-esque positions, I was failing at removing this 4th figure from my looksee glass view.

White flag waving, I submit to the elements. CAP LOCKED humidity and the surplus figure are victorious.

I throw my hands up and join the three FOUR in the shallow waves.

"I was trying to get a family picture of you three without you knowing, but Eli and this humidity would have none of it!" I confessed.

And 3 months later, God reveals His vision on that June morning.

His humidity was signifigant; it was not yet time for Tyler and Sarah's lens to twist into focus.

And Eli?
Well, there was a reason I couldn't crop him out of my view finder.

hindsight |ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt|noununderstanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed

The Rich family are no longer meant to be a family of three.
Their story is miraculously moving, Read about it here.

God works in the details.
He is there even before you know it.

Look back and see.

Congratulations, Tyler, Sarah, and Garyn!

.mac :)