My mind holds moments by bundles.

Gathered and measured, I segment.
Attempt to proportion.
But pockets of sequential snippets become but a blur when I am certainly focused.
I am relentless in task mastery.
Forbidden to be set free until possibility meets potential.
And when it does, I dream of ways to do it all over again.

extension |ikˈsten sh ən|noun1 a part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it; a continuation
My work above {k.Mac's Curtsy handbag} is but an extension to say the least.
{7.5 hours in fabrication and construction}{using an out-of-town client's fabric for the design}{finding this particular fabric's happy match to coordinate}{adding 2 zippered closures per client's request}
And this client's words to me regarding the finished product:
Oh my goodness!! I love it! It's so cute, I could cry! Thanks so much!
ChandraMorrison, TN
Well, they turned the corners of my grinner right up and propelled me into yet another extension...
A BREAK.A chance to relax and enjoy.A time to re-group for my next custom design orders.And a chance to love on and let loose for a little bit.
Thus, this wordy flirt I have but commenced with month number nine, well let the extension begin. By my records, I owe a week-in-full.
And I will pay up.
Just you wait and see.
.mac :)
{k.Mac's Curtsy handbag comes in small, medium, and large. Shown above in size small. The Curtsy handbag comes with 4 interior pockets, 2 exterior frontal pockets and the option for an exterior back slip pocket. Additional closures as well as monogrammed bow options are all chosen and decided upon during customer's deisgn session.}