(Labor Day 2010)
Peering through Dogwoods,I find you.
And it seems as if before the lens is even focused, I am certain of what's inside the frame.
I snap swiftly and quietly only to hustle over and join in.
The sun sparkles its farewell summer heat.
A breeze intermittently whispers Fall is Coming.
With clocks hidden and socks damp with sweat, our family plays.

A catch-n-throw combo
A do-se-do every so often to switch up boys.
2 v. 2
3 v. 1 too

Giggles and belly flops are all around.
Loud and silly
The grass blades dance.
It feels good to hear daddy's laughter uncontrolled.

"Gettum, mama. Tackle daddy!"

And zig-zag I do try.
Flirting like the sparsely speckled leaves on the ground.

Two lads do too.
Long lofty passes
Lobs and straightliners
Angle runs & sidewinder sneaks.
The game is family.

The goal line is together.
And all of this is epiphanic to my very core as squint that one eye to peer in.


sanctify |ˈsa ng (k)təˌfī|verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]set apart as or declare holy; consecrate : a small Christian shrine was built to sanctify the site.• (often be sanctified) make legitimate or binding by religious sanction : they see their love sanctified by the sacrament of marriage.• free from sin; purify.• (often be sanctified) figurative give the appearance of being right or good; legitimize
Labor is marriage.
Labor is giving birth to 2 boys.
It's loving and learning.
It's holding on and helping up.
It's gutting it out and growing.
It's teaching and talking.
It's providing and patience.
It's remembering and reevaluating.
It's worth it.

And I am certain of this each time I look inside the frame.

.mac :)