contain |kənˈtān|verb [ trans. ]1 have or hold (someone or something) within : coffee cans that once contained a full pound of coffee.be made up of (a number of things);

Contained is my oxymoron.

I am so but yet not in the least.

Unleashed is my enthusiasm.
My giddiness.
My glee and goofs.

In texts.
First impressions too.

I slop & slush my innerds only looking back to consider blushing a time or two.

It's me.
God's child.
Meghan Alicia.
But then prolific thoughts seap out hidden away in attic spaces.
You said what?
You meant that.

You think you can, do you?
Do you really find rest in your now?
Your very best, really?

I toss in and out of my very presence.
Sucker punching my instincts and scolding my self-doubt.

I grieve my heritage.
Longing for a more optimistic revelry.
A place where Meghan Alicia is quite enough.

Long lived are the ones that breathed before me.

Thus, my existence documented.
My name written.
The ink fresh smeared from a southpaw swipe.

I live.
I am.
I work to lessen that juxtaposition.
Where credence one ups corruption one last and final time.

And smiling settles my soul.
As I am His.
And, I am me.

In more ways than one.

.mac :)

(source here for visual aids. I adore these!)