a girl in love with a girl

Yeah, I thought that title would get you.

So this girl you see here.

The one with hands all up and amongst her belly?

Well, she's in love with a girl.

A girl that lives within.

McKenna Jane Samples to be exact.

She is infatuated.

With every thought, every kick, every tee-tiny elbow jut.

McKenna Jane is coming.

And I couldn't be happier.

Neither could her mama.

Her mama?

Oh, that's Nicole Rae.

An absolute constant confidant in my life since oh, about my sophomore year.

It seems God had a plan for us two.

The way He has weaved and coiled our lives together is nothing short o His magestic work once again.

And man, God, you are too good.

Cause there is no one and I mean no one better to have in your corner than Nicole Rae.

She is giving.

A listener.
A friend.
A lover of you.
Whoever you are.
Wherever you are.

And it was with pride all swelled up and eeking out that I took this photograph.

Wanting so badly to