Ginormous splashes

Sucker slides and super slips
Sprouting friendships

Oblivious to the time.
Ignorant of the hour.
Focused only on together.

They share in one another's laughter.

And the day is perfect.

Fellowship at its best.
Where the word forever is faraway and foreign.
Where now is always next on the to-do list.

4 boys free
freckledly flippant
happily of heart.

Youth is magical.
Lunches packed.
2 friends meet.
Joy unfolds.

Kettle corn crunches.
Water wars.
Log flooms and flying elephants.
Youth swells with pride.

Lemon twisty cup tilts too.
Upside down mama tummys
Turn right side up grins on little boys.

Kellie and Meghan
college suite mates first
friends long ago
friends longer still...

Kelie: "Come on, Meg. Don't be a mamaw. Ride this Mystery Mine Roller Coaster with me! You can do it."
Meghan: "But Kellie, why? Why would I want to do it. I have no reason to. I puke on a dime. Do you really think that looks like fun to me?"
Kellie: "Do it now while you can. For the rush and carfree feeling. While you you are young. Before you know it, you will have missed this chance. Youth will pass you by."

And so with afro puffs and blue toenail polish, this 34 year old mama rode.
Eyes closed the ENTIRE time.
Screaming at the top of my lungs.
I rode.

Thank you, Kellie.
Thank you for helping me find just a little more magic.