Simply Seven

I just recently read an article in the latest {Real Simple} magazine. The article stated that there really should only be 7 things on a daily to-do list.

On a side note here, they also had a super-fine article on how to know if your bra is too tight. I was quite intrigued with my personal discoveries. Seems the back fat you see from a bra is actually due to 2 factors:

1. You kinda have a squishy back.
2. You are actually wearing your bra too loose in the back. Cuh-razy.

Anywho, back to the ole #7.

For all of those list makers out there. Yes, I am talking to myself here too. Seven is all you need per day. Now, I realize there a lot of self-fulfilling listers out there like my S-I-L Kim who actually makes up stuff to check off her list. You know tiny tasks that she just completed. Well, she writes them down just so she can check them off. She willingly admitted this to me over Christmas and well, I just had to share.

Or perhaps you are like my good friend Stella. Stella is the guru of order and multi-tasking. This woman, I kid you not, has a color coding system complete with all the bells and whistles per day to keep her life more peaceful and progressive.

Then there's me. Remember, the steno pad?

Whether you are intricate or ignorant to the world of tasking, this article promotes 7 things per day.

I like this number as it seems peaceful though odd.
{I usually lean nicely on even numbers.}

I am working on a daily checklist to use in my life. Once complete, I hope to create it into a pdf download for anyone interested in using this too.

This daily checklist also includes my own personal twist on ready rest reminders and projecting tomorrows.

I am hopeful this list will keep me more accountable to myself, my family, my friends and my community. I will be sure to keep you posted on its completion!

So, 2010 is here. WOW.
What's in store for you?
Come on, resolutions abound.
Share a little of your light here!

.mac :)