Tag. You're it.

You didn't even know we were playing, did you?

The game of freeze tag is often a parallel for me with regards to life's mojo and inspiration.
{Did she just use the word mojo in a post? Um, yes. I did.}

Think about it.

I mean, we've all played freeze tag on the playground in our day.

The concept is simple really. You run. Run like crazyfire is comin' out your backside in order to keep away from the one who's "it". Lunging, ducking, darting, and zigzagging just to avoid the mere touch of their hands on your person.

Cause if touch happens, well, you're frozen. Finito. Still.

That is, until another person not yet "frozen" comes to your confined rescue with just a simple touch once more.

Then you are free. Able. Back in action.

And I don't know about you, but that pretty much sums up my day-to-day being. I am a person who thrives on inspiration, people, connections, creating, and learning.

My highs are extreme and divine. I love without inhibition. I say what my heart feels. I dance, do, create, and connect with tenacity as if crazyfire IS coming out my backside for lack of a better choice of words.

Then I'm frozen. With just the simple stroke of negative words, complacent and pessimistic rubbings off from another person over time, I am zapped.

And I just stand idle. In complete shock and awe.

I wait. I watch. I am in CONSTANT WONDER. Contemplating God's purpose for my complacent stillness. Better yet for my next turn at being free.

This has been my method of operation all my life.

I tease with my best friend while in the idled stillness or the just being freed like a bird stage that I wish my life didn't work that way. I wish that I had more of a smoothness and regularity to life.

She listens and then always says, "You wish you didn't feel as much as you do."
And I completely reply with a whole heartedness, "Yes, yes."

But then she in typical best friend form says:

"There are people like this. But you're not made that way. Neither am I. You and I are blessed. Blessed because we are able to extremely feel. Feel it all and be moved. By the good and the bad. The sadness and the joy. Those people who do not feel as much as you and I do are equally as blessed to be made just their way."

And she's right. She and I are blessed. I've learned to find strength in my times of crazyfired backsides as well as my frozen wonderment. Hoping to gain a betterness from each.

Because God is the ultimate "it".
His will is always for the most perfect of reasons.

So it is my privilege to dart, duck, zigzag, and dip as fast as I can just as much as it is my privilege to stand calmly and seek out His will for my idleness each time that He freezes me.

So, tag. You're it. And I'll gladly play, Big Guy. Gladly.

{A special thank you to k.Mac's taggie blankie and Tic Tac Tote diaper bag for visual post enhancement)

.mac :)