Cleaning Off The Cobwebs

Life is full of cobwebs.
Being the week of Halloween, I thought this post was only "fitting".

Think about it.
There's this spider in your life.
She works ever-so-dilligently plotting and planning her next architectural silk design.
And then she begins her spinning.
Spinning you that is.
Out of control.
Off track.
Twisted and confused.
Stuck in a fit of YOU.
{thank you to my neice for allowing me to capture this fit in full swing}
Yes, before you know it, you are all tangled up in YOUR matters.
Laughter and love flow lessen.
Rage and inner fits of bad, twisted talk set in.
And well, you lay straight down on the floor refusing to participate in life around you.
No one can provide a way out of this silken maize. {note Eli's feet and hands on the ready}
You just lay there until you've made the choice.

The choice to climb up out of the twistedness stretching and tearing each spin of ugly.
And that's not to say that same spider in one form or another won't try to spin you back into her evil clutches.

Her web is masked with complacent people, negative attitudes, catty comments, self doubt, poor planning, and just down and out laziness at times.

But breaking free only takes an attitude of goodwill and strength.
Consistent stroking and swatting of the webs will hack your way out.
And then you just stand up and dust yourself off.
Grab hold of something real and something steady in your life.
And don't let go.
Clean yourself off.
Regain your focus.
And with clearer vision be on the ready to duck and avoid the cobwebs in your path.

.mac-a-boo :)

p.s. A special thanks to k.Mac's thematic cobweb inspired Halloween Mollyemade outfit with matching hairbow for visual post enhancement.