2 Choices

You have 2 choices at weddings.
You do.
2 people ask you to be a part of THEIR day.
The drop $$ for your spot at the table.
Consider calligraphy or a nice font for your name plate.
Even double check to be sure that your name is spelled correctly.
You were chosen.

Chosen to celebrate WITH them.
Our trip to Ellicottsville, New York was full of family, fun finds and discovery {Yes wedding was the correct guess from this post}, and ROY AND SARA!!
Roy is Kenny's 1st cousin. There is only about 3 months difference in their age. These boys share many memories of playing Matchbox cars at Papaw and Mamaw Cobble's house during the summers. Countless episodes of HeeHaw have been watched together I can only imagine.

While distance is a barrier in Kenny and Roy's relationship, Roy never made us feel that way. Before Sara and then with Sara too, Roy has readily made his trips down to visit, calls to talk, and he sends the coolest Christmas cards every year...we always look forward to his selections! {the greatest mix of humor with holiday if you ask me.} Their dads are who you see above. Kenny's dad being Kenneth in the blue, the eldest of 3 brothers. And Roy's dad being Eddie in the yellow, the youngest of the 3 brothers. {By the way, Happy Birthday, Uncle Eddie! Today is his special day!} These two are 2 peas in a pod, I tell you. Get these guys together and well, you'll understand the concept behind Velcro. So, gladly we were honored to be a part of Roy and Sara's BIG day!Notice the cuff links on Roy's younger brother, Jason. Delaware may be their state of residence, but we all know where their heart lays down its welcome mat.

Roy and Sara's wedding was spectacular. An intimate ceremony with an elaborate ceremony afterwards. They had the best gifts for their guests. They rented a photo booth. You were given a frame for your table setting. You then were asked to go and have your pictures taken in the photo booth. Below are the pictures Kenny and I took together.

Then the TN crew decided to give it a whirl and pile in together for some fun. {Kristi and Tony are technically possessions of South Carolina I must interject. I just felt compelled to bring Kristi back to her native homeland in the previous sentence...I opted to lump Tony in as well. I stand myself corrected as technical guilt got the best of me. I feel better now.}

Our TN crew: Kenny, Kristi, Me, Tony, Kevin, and Ole Dad, Kenneth.

Top left's theme: "We are one big happy family!"
Top right's theme: "You better check yourself, busta."
Bottom left's theme: "We're FREE! Free! Escaping from the funny farm never felt so good!"
Bottom right's theme: "Peace, homey."

Now onto topics of my heart. Ahem. The aBoVe! My honey bug, Kenny. Is he not the cutest? And lookie at his OLDEST sister, Kristi. She's darn tootin' too, don't you think?

MANY OF YOU HAVE CONTACTED ME REGARDING THE NAME OF MY BUSINESS. Kristi is the k. in k.Mac! She does all the web designing and updating. She is and has been in deep renovating of our new cyberspace. With minor hiccups, we are on our way with progress. I cannot wait for you to see the new us. It will be longer still until the final product is complete, but there will be a new face lift SOON. I promise to direct you to our new look just as soon as it is ready.

I can't help but say Kenny has a small part of the k. too. He does all of my paper work with regards to taxes and organizational data entry. He is golden in this area.

These 2 allow me to be my most creative and for that, I am grateful. Thanks guys!

{Small tangent there, but I am back if you are still doing the left-to-right scanning of the eyes in conjunction with the brain!}

My heart...

longs to dance.

I will do it anywhere with anyone and at anytime.
I'm not kidding.
An empty dance floor?
No floor at all?
A dance floor full of just children?
I'm there.
In the car.
In my kitchen.
In my classroom. {when I was a teacher}

I dance.

I love all kinds of music.
Corny, classic, country, rap, big band, easy, rock...just put the needle on the record, DJ.

Check out me with Eddie's wife, Claudia {in the chocolate shift dress} and Kristi. I thinks k.'s caught in the act of shaking here groove thing, don't you!?

What do you think we got going on here? There truly ain't no telling. Claudia with the quick shuffle-ball-change sway-side-to-side, Kristi with the get-down-on-it groove, and then there's me doing a little laid-back-with-my-mind-on-my-money-and-my-money-on-my-mind.

This picture pretty much sums up my love for dance.

I had just finished my fancy spin in my accordion pleated dress. oh.sweet.goodness. {I can imagine Kenny looking on only hoping my underwear didn't show. I hoped that too, honey. That was never my intention, sweetheart. But they were a nice pair and clean if someone did get a tiny peek just so you know. Have I told you how much I love being your wife lately?}

So weddings are worth it. Worth making the choice to go all out for the happy couple. Pray for their lifelong commitment to one another and then show them just how happy you are for their future.

Speaking of future, I'm kinda happy about the future with this girl.
Happy to see our new look...
I can promise you we have A LOT of funky fun up our sleeve!

k.Mac dancing never felt so good!

Congratulations, Roy and Sara Cobble!
.mac :)