Character through color,
You have found me.

Motivation through movement,
I see.

Renewal through rest,
Thank you.

Invention through intention,
New ideas breathe out from me.

Jotted down hopefuls,
New flips-of-the-switch.
Fingers and mind racing,
Weaving in and out of my fabric; mindful of every stitch.

Thank you for your visit.
You're always welcome here.
My heart heaps with hopeful.
My mind ready to put it all in gear.

Have you enjoyed your stay?
I fluff your pillows; I tuck you in.
My address ---->your residence,
Forever? As long as my will remains in Him.

No yanking covers and yells about,
Get up! You're breakfast's ready!
You're gonna be late! Let's go! NOW, GET OUT!

These last 2 guests are regulars,
If just my mind would ease,
Allow Grace to wait their table,
And let Creativity greet them with her thankyous and please.

By word of mouth, others come.
Like Character, Motivation, Renewal, & Intent.
Seems my B & B gives great service.
Hope, my girl in housekeeping, is worth paying every cent.

The rates are reasonable.
The food voted fresh and mighty fine.
Awaken my soul and spirit.
These guests arrived right on time.
.mac :)