Cause I'm there.


I'm there.

My skin is a disaster.

When I say disaster, I mean straight up, "What the heck is going on, people?"

About 4 years ago, the "age freckles" began attacking my face. I even got one of those freckled mustaches. {I blamed this on the back-to-back pregnancies} The crows feet were a given. This was one of mom's signature facial features...and guess who inherited it?

And let's just be brief and say that yeah, I was the girl that after a night of dancing would COMPLETELY pile in my bed with FULL and I do mean FULL make-up in tact and wake up the next day looking like I just put my "face" on. I had a tee-tiny, small, itty-bitty addiction to Revlon Color Stay lip color.

So Cinnamon. My flavor baby.

Yeah, this mama didn't take care of her face AT ALL!!!!

So for my birthday last year, I made a commitment to get on a skin care regimen. Like seriously and consistently.

I have bounced between this and this. These aren't local, hence the shipping and the pre-planning to keep in stock.

I definitely liked the latter of the two, but find myself only wanting like 3 of the products offered in the great-deal-of-a-kit.

I have looked into purchasing just those products, and $200 buckeroos.

Then there is the money of it all. I am struggling with that much going into MY FACE!! Especially when I know there are other things that this money could be spent on. Don't get me wrong, I feel all healthy and well kept when I use these products. Well kept. My face is well kept.

My face WAS well kept.

But, you know the money, girls. The stinkin' money to attempt to reverse what those evil crooks, Nature and Gravity have up their sleeves. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Thus, the hiatus.

Ummmm. yeah.

Like 3 for the past 3 months.


I am currently without even my most drastic of backups: the generic Oil of Olay moisturizer.

And my face, is the pits.

I have zits galore, remember ladies?
My "age freckles" are becoming a mask.
My skin is ULTRA dry.
Wrinkles are looking like permanent creases.
And my foundation...

Lawzy day in the mornin', sisters.

I am stee-rugglin' with this.

Kenny: "Honey, what is going on with your face?"

Me: {Thinking are you seriously asking a woman this question OUT LOUD}
"What do you mean?"

Kenny: "You have clumped up orangy looking spots like around your nose, your upper lip, and on one cheek."

Me: "Really? Great."

Kenny: "We have got to get you something that does not do this to your face. I mean, it looks really bad."

I mean it looks really bad.

That's a husband who knows his choice in words.

But he's totally right. It does.

So for foundation I use MAC Cosemtics {Yes, I began wearing this product simply because of the name.} Studio Fix foundation/powder.

This is what I had on when Kenny gave me the low-low on the orange yo.

For the past 3 days I have been wearing Max Factor pancake stick foundation.

Yes, you just read pancake stick foundation correctly.

Cause I'm there.

I need GOBS of coverage. I need no orangy spots.

I appreciate those of you STILL reading after such a rampage of sorts, but hey...THIS IS MY FACE PEOPLE!!!

My diagnosis:

MAC Studio Fix works great IF I am on a good skin care system exfoliating my ultra dry skin and getting wrinkles lubed nightly.

So, I need help.

Yes, I need some information from you.

I want to know what skin care regimen you follow.
Give me details.
Give me prices.
Give me results.

I am desperate here.

Do I just need to suck it up and be prepared to drop bones for preservation's sake?

Cause I sooooo don't wanna be here...
.mac :)