It comes after 1 and before 3.
It also happens to be the age of my little baby.
Casey McGill Cobble spent his birthday here:

The boys and I loaded up and headed to Aunt Kristi's (more affectionately known as Tee-Tee's) house. She was gracious enough to have us for the week as Uncle Tony (more affectionately known as Tone-Tone) was out of town on business.

What a great way to spend your 2nd birthday, huh?

When we found out that our second child would be born in late January/early February my first thought was, "What in the world is this kiddo going to do for fun on his birthday?" I mean, we live in Tennessee. We rarely see snow in the winter. Our climate is more of a dismal overcast palette mildly chilly and moderately warm.

So thanks to this fun aunt, whom if you remember also had a BIG bash surfside:

Casey got the beach for his 2nd birthday celebration!

All bundled up, we made our way to the waves with sand toys to play:

We teeter-tottered on the drain pipes playing russian roulette with the icy cold tide:

Chasing sea gulls,
Whipping winds,
Jagged seashells found.

Casey actually became infuriated with the tide as it silently and ever-so-secretly snuck up behind he and his brother scattering their sand toys about.

Casey screamed at the water in perfect Casey style: "No, wawtr! No stealing me and bubba's toys!"

The day was also spent making his birthday cake.

Tee-Tee and I merely watched and provided crowd control around the mixer and sprinkles.

It is here that I would like to thank their cousin, Taylor, for so thoughtfully selecting the cake flavor:

You guessed it: RED VELVET.

Pay backs are gonna be so sweet when it is her turn to have children!

Casey's birthday wish...

I would imagine from the looks of the icing around his face that this is a picture of Casey's birthday wish granted:

(Boys and their immediate never changes for them does it?!)

My little boy...

I didn't even know that Kristi had taken this shot until after we returned home and was looking at the pictures once the kiddos were off to dreamland. This picture holds so much meaning for me. On the 22nd of January, 2 years ago at 7:41 in the morning, we were given Casey McGill.

To have and to hold.
To show and to shape.
To provide and protect.
To inspire and instill.

To love.

In this photo, Casey's eyes are fixed intently on the sailboat out in the distance. Not long after this picture was taken, he alerted me to the sailboat so that I could see it too. We stopped and watched it bob and bounce on the ocean's dance floor. We talked about the wind making its sails "go."

Casey kept saying, "I want it, mama. I want it."
To which I replied, "One day you you can be the captain of a sailboat and take it for a rocky wave ride if you want. One day when you get bigger."

And all that I said to him is true.

One day, Casey will have his sights set on something greater, something big, something spectacular just for him. Until then it is my job to hold him tightly in against my skin shielding him from the chlling winds that sometimes may blow. It is my job to carry him with my thoughts and prayers through the good times and rocky spots. It is up to me to show him the turbulence the waves of life have to offer and help him find the strength in surfing through them with the gifts that God has given him. It is my job to keep his eyes fixed intently on the hope his future holds.

And I am lucky to have this little sailor.

Keep your eyes on the sailboat, my sweet Casey face.
Happy 2nd birthday, Rudy.

.mac :-)