Oh Holy Night!

Good Gaw! These things are sent straight from heaven! Yeah, those morsels of sweet swirly goodness and crystal sugar crunch that you see up there: The Candy Cane Hershey Kiss.

Oh sweet Lord, they are divine.

I received some this week as part of a gift. These loverlys were all snuggled up in a monogrammed covered drink cooler alongside of their cousins: The original Hershey Kiss and Hershey Hugs.

No, I am going to go ahead and tell it like it is, ladies. I am not one for chocolate. Nope. I pick Starbursts over chocolate ANY DAY, sisters...ANY DAY, I say.

So, peering inside my new cup, I went straight for the Hugs. Cause if I am going to eat chocolate, it's gonna be white, okay?

Allow me to list my chocolate priorities:

1. No chocolate and a big fat bag of Starbursts.
2. White Chocolate
3. Milk Chocolate with almonds
4. Milk Chocolate
5. Dark Chocolate

So, I did my thing with the Hershey Hug. On my way in for the 2nd hug, it happened. Mistaken identity. In the low lit ambiance of the restaurant I unwrapped a foreign chocolate and popped it in my mouth.

It was the above picture. And after one bite, I think I heard the cherubims from above singing, I kid you not.

It has it all. The refreshing although not overkill peppermint taste, the creamy buttery white chocolate sensation and then of course, the best part of all...the tiny crystal crunch of purely divine sugar bite-bites. I mean I compare this sugar crystal crunch to one of my other favorite treats, the Chili's frozen strawberry margarita...colored sugar coated around your glass rim? Need I say more?

WOWZERS. I love this candy.

And wouldn't you know it, my smorgasbord of candy treats only left me with a small handful of these dreamboats for my mouth.

The next day they were toast. Gonners. "GET IN MY BELLY" good.

Which left me with yesterday in detox and doing everything in my power to practice self restraint from jumping in my car with the kiddos in tow looking like Cruel la De ville after the herd of Dalmatian puppies. But they weren't' puppies, they were my crystal sugary goodness bite-bites. Cruel la and that hair and that long cigarette. Her face irritated and aggressively desperate for those puppies...my bite-bites!

Yeah, I was a crack feen for these yesterday.

I withheld and coached myself through it only to go into great detail to Kenny when he got home from work about these yum-yums.

He listened.
And then replied with, "I've had them before. There not that good."
To which I immediately put my hands over my ears and sang the LaLaLa song cause I knew he was delusional.

Today was a doozie. My boys. My sweet angels...

If I hear one more "NO" at the top of his lungs from my Casey face or see one more act of physical viloence from Eli towards Casey and vice versa...I AM GOING TO SCREAM!!!!!

Today, I should have worn my black and white striped baby doll shirt...cause all I did was ref.

And no one won the stinkin' game. No one.


As both children are crying that fake melodramatic shrill cry/scream at the top of the stairs, I walk into the kitchen to unload the dishes for the umptyelventyhundedth time. Counting to way more than ten and simultaneously praying no doubt.

When in walks Kenny from work.

I think. Way to help your husband feel relaxed after a long day at work: have him enter into Hellapoolooza 2008.

HE walks over to me. Swivels me around and gives me a huge hug and a smacker on the mouth. He smiles at me real big and then whips out...


And, I have been eating them non-stop ever since. I think I have truly eaten over a half a bag just since this afternoon.

Kids? Ummm, yeah. They don't get any of these.

Kenny even said to them, "Those are mommy's treats. Don't ask her for any. They are not yours."

I love him. I do.

Cause I am not giving any of these to them. Not sharing. Nosirree.

Oh this night has been so holy. Holy as my cherabims swirl around me while I pop one after another of these tasties into my mouth.

Obviously, for me, it's the little things, huh?

Little things AND giving stuff away!!!

Today is the day. The day to announce who won!

Well, it pays to play. Because all of you will be receiving one of k.Mac's hand poured soy candles! And the best part for us, your names will each be written on the card that we send with a check from k.Mac to the Special Olympics for a portion of the total cost of each candle.

k.Mac's new Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line gives a portion of every purhcase to charity.

That makes number 5 on my 25 Acts of Kindness list!

You sisters send me your address and scent of choice and a little Santa goodie will be arriving at your doorstep very soon!!

Who knows. There might be something else DELICIOUS too. Wonder if I could find a good candy treat?

"Tis the season to be jolly. Falalalalalala..."

You hear'em singin?

.mac :-)

p.s. This sweet act of kindness was Kenny's #4!